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About Us

Emay Construction was established in 1995 in Ankara. Its partnership structure with engineering roots enabled the company to follow an open-ended, brave and daring development policy.

Winning the tenders for housing by İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 1996, the company participated in the Istanbul-centred projects and entered to the undertaking sector. Then, the company completed important projects such as school, hospital of corporations such as Social Insurance Institution, Oyak, Ministry of Public Work, Ministry of National Education.


The company started to participate in collective housing projects tendered by Metropolitan Municipality and by TOKİ following the year 2000 through tunnel formwork system.


Drawing attention through high sales amounts and high project premiums in branded housing projects, Emay İnşaat has realized and successfully completed Kentplus Ataşehir, Kentplus Mimarsinan, Kentplus Kartal projects up to now, and thousands of people has begun to live in Plus concept houses.


Besides those projects, Emay İnşaat A.Ş. has continued to develop housing projects and started to Centrium Park, Centrium Tower, KentPlus Newport in 2010 and to Brandium Ataşehir in 2011 and to KentPlus Kadıköy project in 2013.


Together with the construction projects, Emay İnşaat realized Pleon Sportivo Sport Centre taking place within 2044 flats in KentPlus Ataşehir. Having an indoor area of 7000 m2, the sport centre was designed as the most developed and luxurious sport centre in Turkey, and thousands of subscribers had a healthy life by doing sport in this sport centre in a short term. The 2nd one of Pleon Sportivo will be realized within KentPlus Centrium and will add value to the project.


Besides all those, Emay İnşaat A.Ş. has continued to work in tourism and health fields. As a result, it started to work in order to realize a 5 star hotel and Convention Centre on Anatolian Continent and a private hospital project on European Continent.


As a result of hard work, Emay İnşaat A.Ş. entered to the first 100 highest tax payer list in Turkey from the 62nd rank in 2008, and the company continues to invest in other construction, health and tourism fields with this proud.


  • Project Design
  • Project Management
  • Project Construction
  • Project Finance
  • Collective Housing Projects
  • Branded Housing Projects


  • Quality
  • Team work
  • Technology
  • Reliability
  • Sense of Responsibility