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The establisher of KentPlus Ataşehir, Mimarsinan, Kartal, Centrium, Newport, Brandium Ataşehir and Pleon Sportivo, Emay İnşaat is in the centre of Istanbul through its new glamorous “Kentplus Kadıköy”...

Heart of Istanbul beats right beside you…


KentPlus Kadıköy rises in Kadıköy, which is one of the oldest and the most sparkling centres of Istanbul through a new approach. Being near to Bağdat Street, to metro, to Söğütlüçeşme and Fikirtepe metrobus stops, Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadium, KentPlus Kadıköy enables easy access to each point in Istanbul.



You live in such a place that…


You are neighbour to all Istanbul. You easily reach to everywhere you desire and enjoy all beauties of Istanbul without having traffic problem. As well as, you enjoy a refreshing, peaceful and modern life.


Designed as a complex for various usages, Kentplus Kadıköy was established on an area of total 27.000 m². Through the importance that Emay İnşaat gives to the green and to the comfortable site life, about 20.000 m² of the project has been designed as recreation areas, green areas and walking and resting areas. The project will take place on a platform on an area having square concept. Through this design, the ground floor flats in the project have been also enabled to have an appearance of environment.


The project, each of them is consisted of ground + 24-floor 3 blocks, is consisted of 1337 flats to meet both investment need and settling need at maximum level. Having the characteristics of leadership in the region through both its modern and dynamic architecture and environment planning, KentPlus Kadıköy has been designed as settlement of none of the blocks to prevent each other and all of them to have the best landscape. Additionally, while circular forms in the blocks enable the maximum façade use of the flats, they have been enabled to benefit from the sunlight at maximum level.



"0" to the Sky


KentPlus Kadıköy brings you the green through its flat gardents as well as wide landscape area. Flat gardens to provide you enjoyable hours through refreshing façade, garden and sky landscapes await you in KentPlus Kadıköy.


KentPlus Kadıköy enriches your life through the opportunities provided within the life area.



Site Features


Parking lot and parking garage

Outdoor swimming pools

Outdoor and indoor playgrounds for children

Running / walking track

Sport complex

Shopping centre with square concept

Services such as valet, dry cleaning, decoration consultancy


Bearing the signature of Ömer Çamoğlu such as KentPlus Centrium and KentPlus Newport, KentPlus Kadıköy has the qualities of leadership in the region both through its modern and dynamic architectural expression composed by harmony between the material and the form and through the planning approach by smart usage of the area. It is a project in which different functions do not adversely affect each other and on the contrary, they are powered by being together, in which high level social opportunities and green area usage are aimed, and which aims to create an entire area of attraction through the square.