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The establisher of KentPlus Ataşehir, Mimarsinan, Kartal, Centrium, Newport, Brandium Ataşehir and Pleon Sportivo, Emay İnşaat is in the centre of Istanbul through its new glamorous “Kentplus Kadıköy”...

 To be established in Kadıköy, which is one of the oldest and sparkling centres of Istanbul, KentPlus Kadıköy is composed of 3 blocks, each of which is composed of ground floor + 24 floors.


Drawing attention through its being near to Bağdat Street, to subway and metrobus stops, KentPlus Kadıköy enables easy access to each point in Istanbul.

Established on an area of total 27.000 m², KentPlus Kadıköy allocates about 20.000 m2 of the project area for landscape and green area. In order not to have crowd in entries and exits of the project rising on a platform taking place on the shopping centre with square concept, parking lot and site entries have been placed on different areas with the shopping centre.


Separation of the commerce taking place under the platform and the houses taking place on the platform enables high visual quality for the environment from the green area at ground floor. Thus, while Kadıköy dwellers enjoy the visual quality of the commerce areas, they are aimed to be affected by disorders to be created by the traffic and crowd at minimum level.