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Constructed with “Plus” concept for those giving importance for life quality, KentPlus Ataşehir takes place in Batı Ataşehir, an area with an increasing value in Istanbul.

Planned and contracted out by Emlak GYO A.Ş., an affiliate of T.R. Housing Development Administration of Turkey, the architectural project of KentPlus Ataşehir was prepared by Professional Architect Dr. Doğan Tekeli and the architectural office Tekeli – Sisa. Drawing the attention through the record sales speed during the construction, the project began to be delivered in April 2007 as undertaken.

Projected through the results coming from the “customer expectations and satisfaction” survey made during planning, KentPlus Ataşehir includes 2044 flats in 6 different sites. 80.000 m² of KentPlus Ataşehir spread on an area of total 121.000 m², being composed of landscape area makes the families with children happy most.

Meeting the expectations at maximum level through flat options with different sizes, first class material selection, and functional solutions, KentPlus Ataşehir has an energetic and live identity with safe, civilised and innovative houses above standards.

 Earthquake Safety 
Realized with the Plus concept, Kentplus Ataşehir was enabled with the earthquake safety through the tunnel formwork technology which is one of the most reliable construction methods against the earthquake.

Site Features

KentPlus Ataşehir, in which each details were projected in order to present a special life for the dwellers in KentPlus through many social opportunities such as:

  • Parking area and parking lot
  • Outdoor swimming pools
  • Indoor and outdoor playgrounds
  • Tennis court, volleyball, basketball and mini football field
  • Running / walking tracks
  • Café & Restaurant
  • Presents a comfortable life for all age of dwellers in Kentplus.

Professional Management 

 Professional management in KentPlus Ataşehir presents 24-hour in-site private card and general camera control security system, cleaning, garbage receiving, lift maintenance services, landscape and garden maintenance, building-lift maintenance and any kind of instalment repair works through a professional team.